The William Bentley Ball Memorial

William Bentley Ball III left a legacy reflecting his lifetime of service to Church and country which includes his research notes, numerous awards, writings, photos, poems, letters, artifacts and accomplishments. His Memorial will not merely exist as a museum, but will serve as an active research archive for generations to come.


A Legacy for Generations

The William Bentley Ball Memorial Archive is located on Capitol Hill located at 2nd Street NE in Washington, DC, directly across the street from the US Supreme Court. This Memorial will be a point of destination for many. It will also house a resource library for ongoing research and a training center for law students, practicing lawyers, legal scholars and future jurists.


The Virtual Memorial Archive

Today’s digital technology allows for the rich resources of the William Bentley Ball Archive to be available online for students and scholars around the country and around the world. The Virtual Memorial Archive will allow researchers the opportunity to access materials at their convenience.

The online archive is a work in progress so please check back regularly to see what has been added.



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