William Bentley Ball: The Man, The Memorial and The Mission

William Bentley Ball left a heritage reflecting his lifetime of service to his Church and country which includes his research notes, numerous awards, writings, photos, poems, letters, artifacts and accomplishments. This priceless material will now be housed in the William Bentley Ball Memorial Archive on Capitol Hill, temporarily located at 109 2nd Street NE in Washington, DC, directly across the street from the US Supreme Court.


The Memorial Archive

The Memorial Archive will be a point of destination for many and will serve as a witness to his historic work as well as a resource library for ongoing research for law students, practicing lawyers, legal scholars and future jurists.

However, the work and living legacy of William Bentley Ball must also continue. The nation he loved and served needs individuals who will stand against the rising tide of secularism and antagonism towards Christianity in our courts and legal institutions.

We need those who can and will work tirelessly to pro vide a lasting defense of the inalienable rights, which our founders articulated. These rights cannot be conferred by government and must not be denied by government.

The William Bentley Ball Memorial Archive exists to honor his work and to inspire, equip and encourage people to continue his legacy. It will provide a resource base for the continuing work of freedom to which William Bentley Ball III dedicated his life and career of service.


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